Real strategies are rarely made in conference rooms or workshop sessions, but are more likely to be cooked up informally and often in real time. Our method is to add value to the formal process of creating prepared minds or at the more informal process of driving strategic creativity – both at the level of system, organizational and program operations.

MERCY Malaysia 2020 – 2030 Strategic Plan
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Strategic Planning


We influence at senior level and help leaders integrate sustainability into core business strategy and operations. Our approach seeks to marry humanism with an embrace of market forces and a market-based economy. This principle is linked with the idea that positive fundamental changes can take place in today’s challenging situation through not losing sight of achieving our goals of social equity and economic productivity.


Our services help situate complex humanitarian and development interventions. This is done through processes and product for explaining the various contributors to change, and the multiple levels of outcomes that result from program implementation.


Dealing with humanization and its built environment quality means to focus the human needs and to understand their interaction with the environment. Some symptoms of the wider failure that architecture, engineering, and urban planning have suffered over the past few decades: a failure of humanism in the built environment. Our buildings and cities have become alienating, inhumane and dehumanizing spaces that are totally out of scale with human reality.

financing and grants management

People struck by disasters and emergencies count on coordinated and effective assistance and protection that are on time. In most disaster and crisis, the complexity and scale of assistance needed often stretch beyond the simplistic approach of delivering aid assistance without the strategic lense of responding in an integrated and sustainable way. Humanitarian agencies are demanded to reinforce their ability to plan and respond jointly, efficiently, and holistically, thereby enhancing the credibility of humanitarian response.