Antamax 2030

Services: Strategic planning

Location: Selangor, Malaysia 

Year: 2022

Client: Antamax Manufacturing Sdn Bhd

Antamax is a leading manufacturer and distributor of medical packaging supplies in Malaysia, providing high quality and price competitive products that serve the nationwide market needs since 2009. It has grown from a small distributor to becoming one of the leading Malaysia’s medical packaging manufacturers with state of the art equipment operated under strict controlled environment condition that ensure our products are free of contamination.

This 2030 strategic plan was developed to serve as Antamax’s growth and sustainability blueprint, which to support a globally recognized Malaysian medical products industry with the capability, capacity and expertise to locally manufacture advanced and high-value medical products using sophisticated processes.

Antamax Manufacturing Sdn Bhd


Antamax Manufacturing Sdn Bhd


Antamax Manufacturing Sdn Bhd