Belawan Northpoint Master Plan

Services: Strategic planning

Location: Medan, Indonesia

Year: 2012 (Phase 1), 2014 (Phase 2), 2015 (Phase 3)

Client: PT Graha Agung

Partner: EXTRAURBAN Design

The master plan presents a vision for future operations at the area of Port Belawan, Medan, Indonesia, and critically examines how the existing land use at around the area can be optimized for merchandise trade purposes, which will then significantly affects the overall land use for the development of the larger new township master plan. The master plan also outlines how Port Belawan will work to better integrate the port area with the new township, the city of Medan, and the people of the surrounding area.

The master plan has been prepared to meet a number of strategic objectives identified as necessary to facilitate the effective operations of the area in the period to 2040. The key objectives are:

  1. Attract national and international investment and growth
  2. Integration with Medan city centre
  3. Efficient movement and access
  4. Balanced recreational and amenity functions
  5. High level of safety and security

The master plan highlighted key focus areas to support the key objectives, which are:

  1. Plan for future sustainable growth and changes in facilitating livelihood, business activities and other activities related to the city and Medan Belawan in particular.
  2. Provide an overall context for future investment decisions.
  3. Reflect and provide for current national and regional policies, local guidelines and initiatives.
  4. Ensure there is harmony and synergy between the plans for the area and those for theMedan city center, the greater Medan area and neighbouring economic region of Mebidangro(Greater Medan metropolitan area).
  5. Give certainty to local communities, neighbouring communities, investors and other stakeholders about how the area will develop into the future to meet users’ demands and requirements.