Everyone needs timely, accurate and reliable information, especially within the context of any humanitarian crisis. Language gaps hinder critical humanitarian interventions.

And this is not only limited to verbal and visual languages, but also on the decision to choose the correct and practical communication materials, platforms, tools, techniques and flows.

Dismantling the Spectacle – human’s fascination with new technology, mediums and experience. Photo by J.R. Eyerman. 1952

House Vision Malaysia


Our services range from varied context and for varied purposes. This include nuanced analysis and translation of data – turning abstract concepts from the humanitarian-development sector, into practical and actionable plans; tailoring communication for diverse audiences; bringing a unique flavor and breaking down complex ideas through the storytelling approach; and with a focus on learning and knowledge communication.

Through strategic communications and outreach activities, we engage with policymakers, practitioners, thought leaders, media and citizens to turn ideas into action.