Sarawak 2030 – A Study on Sarawak 2030 Development and Sustainability Agenda

Services: Strategic planning; Communications

Location: Malaysia 

Year: 2022

Partner: Yayasan Sejahtera

Client: PTT Exploration and Production Public Company Limited (PTTEP)


Sarawak has made steady progress, with rising incomes, but the state faces long-term challenges, especially in the far remote rural areas where accessibility are challenging. If Sarawak acts progressively but carefully, it can expand and improve the quality of its gains, as well as ensure that they can be maintained.

This study looks onto regional development matters that address social, ecological, and economical concerns by framing specific aspects of education, skills and human capital, community development, and environment. The study embarked on activities such as development planning and implementation analysis, engagement with government agencies, community leaders, and families, opinion surveys and community feedback reviews, and focus group discussions.