Feasibility Study for the Redevelopment of Tourism in Mesilau, Sabah

Services: Strategic planning; DRRM

Location: Malaysia 

Year: 2022 – 2023

Partner: Tourism Planning Research Group (Uni-Technologies Sdn Bhd)

Client: Sabah Economic Development and Investment Authority (SEDIA)

This study is to support the redevelopment process of revitalizing tourism activities in Mesilau, Sabah as a more competitive and sustainable tourism destination. The study undertakes a situational analysis of the physical condition of the project site to support the redevelopment of tourism in the area as part of a recovery from the 2015 Mount Kinabalu earthquake. It also evaluates the economic and financial feasibility of redeveloping tourism in Mesilau in the post-pandemic tourism landscape, and proposes a conceptual physical design plan to be supported by a business and marketing plan, management plan and guidelines for the redevelopment of tourism in Mesilau in synergy with conservation.