Urbanization, environmental degradation, climate change, and development-related processes and planning, shape and configure hazards. The complexity of systems and uncertainty related to the impact of development and climate change affect the way we understand and manage risks.

Disaster Risk Reduction and Management

Taking into account future risks and uncertainties, we need to take action on initiatives to mainstream disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM) into our development agenda to safeguard risk sensitive investment, and to protect lives and livelihood from the threats of disaster risks.

To meet the objectives of reducing risk and building resilience, our services include:

  • Scoping and detailed risk assessment
  • Formulation of adaptation options and action plans
  • Community-based DRRM training program for local strategies
  • DRRM training program for local government units through trained human resources, improved system and integrated risk reduction measures
  • Advisory in linking DRRM strategies and action planning with development planning