Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning (system)

Our approach seeks to marry humanism with an embrace of market forces and a market-based economy. This principle is linked with the idea that positive fundamental changes can take place in today’s challenging situation through not losing sight of achieving our goals of social equity and economic productivity.

Strategic Planning (program)

The objectives of humanitarian action are to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity during and in the aftermath of crises, as well as to prevent and strengthen preparedness. Our services help situate complex humanitarian and development interventions. This is done through processes and product for explaining the various contributors to change, and the multiple levels of outcomes that result from program implementation.

Strategic Planning (physical)

While dealing with social and cultural transformations happening in our society, there are also external pressure such as pandemic outbreak, disaster, crisis and other risk threats, which the human element needs to be reintroduced to our works and made central. Our approach is a mode of planning and design that shall meet the requirements of life, yielded to change and innovation without being shattered by it, advocating for our built environment to be more human and liveable.

Strategic Planning (Financing and Grants Management)

Our services offer a consolidated approach which integrates multi-sector/cross-cutting response, resource requirements, and monitoring arrangements to mobilize system-wide response to humanitarian crisis and developmental needs. These are done through full cycle grant management process, proposal development, desk reviews and policy analysis, and stakeholder engagement and management services.