MERCY Malaysia International Humanitarian Conference 2019

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MERCY Malaysia International Humanitarian Conference 2019 by Humanitarian Capital

Services: Strategic Planning; Communications; DRRM

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Year: 2019

Partner: MERCY Malaysia, Sunway University

The conference agenda revolves around current humanitarian action trends and their implications for the most vulnerable – the people at the core of humanitarian work. How can we successfully advocate for action that supports the people most in need?

How can humanitarian works help to save life, protect sustainable development and promote peace building in the larger context of community and place resilience, while at the same time recognizing their fundamental human rights and irrespective of political interests?

Its theme – “Driving Coherent Humanitarian Actions” addresses great importance to the link between humanitarian aid, as a rapid response measure in crisis situations and more medium and long-term development action. This nexus is very important that the United Nations’ Secretary General established a Joint Steering Committee to Advance Humanitarian and Development Collaboration in 2017 in promoting cohesiveness in humanitarian actions through closer collaboration and integrated approaches.